• The man makes the basket boat spin around with fast speed
  • Fisherman is throwing fishing net
  • Tourists are going to the central of coconut forest
  • Enjoying the view of water coconut forest from the boat
  • Basket boat tour still beautiful on raining season

Cooking Class Tour

One part that you should not ignore when traveling abroad is to enjoy how to cook the cuisine of the country.

Vietnam is a part of Asia and Vietnam was effected by China and France in the past that why the cuisine of Vietnam is very diversity and special. In some dishes Vietnamese have their own recipe and for some dishes they bring the recipe of China and France combine with their recipe for creating the new type of dishes. Here are dishes that we will cook on the cooking class

1. Fresh Spring Roll

Fresh Spring Roll without frying. Ingredients are rice noodle, vegetables, shrimp, meat. Enjoying with special sauce.

Basket boat dance in the coconut river

2. Banh Xeo(Vietnamese Pancake)

The special pancake make with special flour, shrimp, pork, scallions, bean sprouts. This food is very popular and appear in so many restaurants in Vietnam.

Going through Bay Mau Coconut Forest

3. Duong Chau Rice

The Duong Chau rice originally from China, Vietnamese bring it and making it with their own style.

Traveler stand on water coconut

4. Spring Roll

The spring roll is very popular in Vietnamse’s parties, and Vietnamse restaurants. People ussually enjoy it when they enjoy the Vietnamese Pancake

Traveler stand on water coconut

5. Vietnamese Banana Flower Salad

With the ingredients are Banana flower and some vegetable. Meat or shrimp are also included.

Traveler stand on water coconut

Cooking Class Price:

Price: 690.000 VND(≈ 30USD) / Pax

* Cooking Class Noted:

- We offer at least 2 people.
- Picking up is included.
- The maximum tourists for 1 class is 10 people.